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Fresh Pillowcase
Fresh Pillowcase

Fresh Pillowcase

Daytime , we are fully dressed engaging with people at work as if we are invincible . Nighttime,we lay our faces on pillows with our guards down and feel ourselves . A good sleep and skin is essential.So is antibacterial and soft-skin touch pillowcases.
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Our Classic Collection Fresh features a natural and breathable design . These pillowcases are extremely light and soft . Perfect for sensitive sleepers since all raw materials are from the nature. Made with Bamboo and linen, you'll feel like you're snuggling up in the forest every single night. Easy care and self-cleaning.



85% Bamboo 15% Linen


Bamboo and linen  materials are used ,combining nature and technology to bring you a unique home experience.


The ultra soft feeling and cooling of the fabric bring you a new experience.